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TOFA History

The original Township of Falls Authority franchise area for water and sewer service was purchased from the Danhurst Corporation in 1961.  Included was a one million gallon per day water plant just west of Newbold Road which treated the water supplied by three nearby wells.  However, as the demand for service grew, TOFA required supplemental water sources.  These were supplied by interconnects with neighboring water systems.  Eventually these supplemental sources became the primary sources as the water plant and wells were shut down by the end of 1979 for several reasons that included the distance of the wells from the developing areas and their continuing trend of declining production.

Sewer service was also handled by a small treatment facility originally constructed by the Danhurst Corporation in the early 1950's.  And like the water system, the sewer system wasn't always capable of taking on new development.  This led to the sewer service being divided among several service providers based upon service agreements, drainage basins and chartered service areas.  The result of which was an incongruity between the water and sewer service areas within the Township where it was possible to have a different provider for each service.  After 1989, all of the sewerage being collected by TOFA ended up being conveyed to other entities for final treatment. 

As for the Authority, in December of 1995 it was dissolved and the ownership of and responsibility for the two systems fell to Falls Township.  That scenario remained in place through December of 2006 at which time the Township of Falls Authority was reborn with the express purpose of better serving the needs of the water and/or sewer customer.

Our Sewer System:

  • The system is comprised of 60 miles of concrete, iron and clay pipes.  Gravity and 11 pump stations transport the ~ 3 million gallons per day of sewerage.
  • In round numbers, the amount of acres being served in the TOFA service area by the final treatment providers:
  1. Lower Bucks Joint Municipal Authority - 4,250
  2. Morrisville Municipal Authority - 1,000
  3. U.S. Steel Corp. - 4,400
  4. Philadelphia Water Department - 2,750

Our Water System:

  • The system is comprised of 60 miles of pipe fed from five interconnections with two neighboring water systems (Bucks County Water & Sewer Authority and Morrisville Municipal Authority) and provides ~ 2.85 million gallons of potable water per day.  There are also two emergency interconnections.
  • Three pumping stations are utilized to boost the water pressure entering the system while four elevated water storage tanks help maintain that pressure as well as provide adequate fire protection.