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1. What do I do if I believe that the sewer is backing up into my home?

Since water seeks the path of least resistance, check the toilets and tubs on the lowest level of your home.  Are they the ones backing up? 

a. If not, the problem is most likely an internal plumbing issue. 

b. If they are, call TOFA immediately.  We will check the main sewer line.  If there is a blockage, we will swiftly remedy the problem.  If the main is flowing normally, then the problem is located somewhere in the home’s plumbing or the lateral connecting the plumbing to the main sewer line and is the customer’s responsibility.  In this instance call a recommended plumber or pipe cleaning company quickly.

c. More information regarding Sewage Backups and Blockages.


2. What do I do if I suspect poor water quality?

First, gather information that can help solve the problem.

a. After 5 minutes of running the cold water, does the quality issue go away?  Is the issue visible after letting the water settle in a white, non-stained plastic cup or mug? 

b. Is the quality issue present at multiple faucets?

c. Do you have a filter or treatment system inside your home?  Does it need maintenance? 

d. When was the last time you drained your hot water heater?  Iron and rust build-up in the water can be carried into the home's plumbing if not periodically flushed.  

Call TOFA.  There might be an emergency repair or routine flushing going on in your vicinity.  If not, we’ll investigate the situation promptly.


3. Is there anything that I need to do before selling my home?

Your water meter needs to be read prior to the sale of your property in order to properly calculate your final water and/or sewer bills.  Call TOFA to schedule a visit.    

A sump pump inspection is required for all sewer customers prior to the sale’s closing.  Call TOFA to schedule a visit.