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Please Help Us better serve you!

Dump your illegal sump pump connection!

  • Make sure that the discharge from your sump pump flows to a natural drainage area outside of your house.  the collective flow from illegal sump pumps increases the metered flow that TOFA pays to dispose of and thus increases the rates that you pay.
  • By rule, sump pump discharge is banned from entering the sanitary sewer system.

Don't flush trash!

  • Flushing diapers, feminine products, tissues, rags and the like increases both the preventative and emergency maintenance required on system equipment.  This additional cost, like all of our costs, is considered when calculating sewer rates!
  • Additionally, flushing these items that should be discarded in the trash, wastes water and unnecessarily increases your water and sewer bills.

Who's using our water hydrants?

  • Unauthorized use of water hydrants amounts to stealing our water!
  • If you see non-TOFA employees using a hydrant, please call #215-946-6062.  Make sure that you have the name of the company (if possible), the license plate number(s) of the vehicles and the hydrant's location.  We will then check to see if they are properly registered to use the hydrant.

Plan before you plant - trouble is just a root away!

  • Be careful to avoid the underground sewer and water lines when you plant that tree.  Tree roots can find, crack and clog these lines leaving you with an expensive repair bill.
  • Call 8-1-1 before you dig!  Calling the PA one-call system will ensure that all of your utilities are properly marked before you or your contractors put a shovel in the ground.
  • By rule, any issue related to the sewer lateral is the customer's responsibility.

Please, pay on time.

  • It becomes very expensive to engage in debt collection practices.  From the printing of reminder and shut-off notices to the legal fees associated with latter stage collection methods, these costs DO lead to higher rates for everybody.
  • Remember, payments can be mailed, made in person at the office, dropped inside one of the two secure drop boxes at our office location or placed on a credit card over the phone.